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Roads for Life Signs MOU with ISF First Responder training program helps to save lives

16 October 2017

Roads for Life has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on October 16 2017 with the Internal Security Forces (ISF). Director General Major Imad Osman stressed that this strategic step aims at consolidating the culture of training within the public sector, especially among motorcycle policemen and traffic police units who are among the first to arrive on the scene of an accident.


Roads for Life will start covering the cost of a new rescue program aiming to reinforce the skills of ISF troops in Lebanon thus boosting chances of survival for trauma victims on Lebanon’s roads. The aim will be to train up to 90 policemen from both urban and rural areas in Lebanon with evidence based first responder protocols. These trainings are to be held in conjunction with the Lebanese Red Cross and are also aimed at improved inter-agency coordination and communication in the event of a trauma incident.


In order to promote sustainability of the training, Roads for Life will be providing each trainee with a specialized medical kit that will contain everything necessary to act as an effective first responder.