About Us

About Us

Roads For Life – the Talal Kassem Fund for Post Accident Care is a nonprofit organization established in 2011 in memory of Talal Kassem, a young 17-year-old boy who was killed by a ranging driver while crossing the road on his way to school.

What Do We Strive For?

We strive to help save as many lives as possible across Lebanon and to increase the victims’ chances of survival following an accident, known as “The Golden Period of Trauma”.

Include Civilians

Spread the most advanced Post Trauma Care techniques and train the largest number of medical, nursing, and paramedical emergency personnel. Advocate for passing and/or implementing a modern traffic law. We strongly believe that a swift and efficient intervention by the emergency teams on the scene of the accident helps save up to 40% of unnecessary death.


To improve professional standards for trauma care in emergency departments and paramedical services across Lebanon and promote the culture of trauma care in society.

What we do

Enable world-class post-trauma capacity building programs to physicians, nurses and first aiders in Lebanon. Lobby for the development and enforcement of better legislations related to trauma culture and road safety, and ensuring their sustainable implementation. Establish and maintain relationships with government entities as well as local and worldwide NGOs to mobilize concerned stakeholders in order to make a stronger impact on trauma systems. Increasing awareness on the best practices for driving and avoiding road accidents as well as the consequences of reckless behavior.

A cause that concerns us all

We commend your commitment to social responsibility through your dedication and involvement in the years to come. We take pride in your partnership, and we pledge to carry on with this mission in the coming years.

Our Inspiration: Talal Kassem

In 2010, a devastating accident forever rocked our lives: the loss of our eldest son, 17-year-old Talal, who was hit by a reckless driver. I now stand at a crossroad, looking back at these past years and at the marks left with the passage of time. I am proud of the choice we made to turn our anger and sadness to positive achievement. The association Talal inspired is now giving victims of accidents a genuine chance to be rescued... a chance he was denied!

I am proud of the strength, determination and purpose, which Talal has given me, in order to keep walking down the rescue road in Lebanon in partnership with pioneering medical institutions and generous sponsors who believed in our cause, banks, companies, and individuals. I am also thrilled by the interest demonstrated by the international community, UN-related organizations and diplomatic missions in our work. Roads for Life has now joined notable international alliances, such as the G4 Alliance and the Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety. It also confirmed its position as an active contributor to the fifth pillar of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, which encompasses post-trauma medical care and the rescue for trauma victims.

We are also proud of our achievements in Lebanon and particularly the initiative launched by His Excellency the Minister of Health who issued a circular stressing the need for all governmental and private hospitals to enroll their medical and nursing staff in the certification courses provided by Roads for Life to enhance their skills and professionalize trauma care. We are currently covering the costs of these courses and hope one day they would become essential prerequisites to Emergency Room accreditation in Lebanese hospitals.

Our rescue, nursing and medical training sessions cover all institutions throughout Lebanon. Lately, we found out that we can be of service to our armed and security forces. We thus cooperated without any hesitation with the European Union within the framework of a pilot project in order to provide traffic police with first-aid training. This training was given by the Lebanese Red Cross. Moreover, we are in the process of launching a new advanced first-aid program for the Police Academy.

We have also gone a long way with our beloved army, in providing it with certification for the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) course, which – God willing – will help save both our military heroes and vulnerable civilians in many areas. We still harbor major ambitions, starting with the establishment of a trauma data center, as is the case in all developed countries, especially that the number of victims is downright terrifying and comparable to a civil war.

Zeina Kassem

Honorary members

H.E. Mr. Ziyad Baroud

Mrs. Lama Tamam Salam

HRH. Princess Ghida Talal

Scientific committee

Dr. Georges Abi-Saad (MD, FACS, ATLS® MENA President)

Mr. Will Chapleau (EMT-P, RN, CEN, TSN, PHTLS® Chair)

Dr. Zouheir Dabbour (MD, FRCS, FICS, FRSM)

Prof. Nadey Hakim (GCSJ, MD, PhD, FRCS, FRCSI, FACS, FICS (Hon), FASMBS, FINS(Hon), FIMSA (Hon), General Transplant and Bariatric Surgeon) - President

Dr. Saud Al Turki (MD, ODTS, FACS, ATLS® MENA Region Chief)

Goodwill Ambassadors

Mrs. Abeer Nehme - 2016 - 2019

Sports Ambassador

Mrs. Maha Shair - 2016 - 2019

Executive committee

Mrs. Zeina Kassar Kassem – President

Mrs. Lamia Moubayed Bissat – Vice President

Mr. Roni Alpha – Secretary General

Mr. Abdel-Ghani Kassem – Treasurer

Mrs. Soha Bissat – Legal

Mrs. Hala Hachache Wassef - Marketing

Mrs. Dania Kassar – General Consultant

Mr. Amer Kassem – Government Relations

Mr. Christian Tawtel - Research