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Prof. Nadey Hakim

10 April 2017

We have been blessed to have crossed your path, a path that you have genuinely and generously carried us through and severed as our furtherer’s. With your support we gained momentum and spread our wings to reach for International Institutions that believe in trauma care, and helped us to learn and share. Yes, with your support, Roads for Life gained position on the international platform and broadened its network of colleagues of the same cause.

Dr. Nadey Hakim an internationally renown physicians, whose endless medical contributions to the field, internationally, are beyond listing and are no doubt a pride to all Lebanese. His presence on the scientific team of Roads for Life is a guaranty for sustaining Roads for Life’s International relations and contact with an open-ended network of professionals, international bodies under UN, and NGOs that serve the same cause of saving lives.

His personal sincere attachment to Roads For Life and Talal was openly manifested in all modesty during RoadsForLife’s Gala Dinner 2015 where he donated a bit of his very own creation, a bronze bust statue of Talal that shall make him forever alive in our conscience.