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Dr. Zuheir Dabbour

14 April 2017

We have been blessed to have crossed your path, a path that you have genuinely and generously carried us through and severed as our furtherer’s. With your support we gained momentum and spread our wings to reach for International Institutions that believe in trauma care, and helped us to learn and share. Yes, with your support, Roads for Life gained position on the international platform and broadened its network of colleagues of the same cause.

We can never forget Dr. Dabbour’s introduction of Roads for Life to International NGOs and specifically the G4 Alliance that we became a member of. Dr Dabbour’s meticulous screening of all applications of ER doctors and registered Nurses who wished to take the ATLS course and registered nurses to take ATCN with us. It’s hard to sum up some of what Dr Dabbour did and is still doing to Roads for life in a text; however, a sincere word of thank you is always due.