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Zeina Kassem's Editorial 2017

28 December 2017

As 2017 draws to an end, it is with mixed feelings that I look back on what we have achieved over the past six years. While grateful that Roads for Life (RFL) has helped save numerous trauma victims, I am at the same time, worried by our inability to put an end to the growing phenomenon of unnecessary deaths on our roads, one which we can liken to a civil war of a different kind.

NGOs are making efforts, which partially address the problem, but the greatest share remains to be tackled by both the state and us, as citizens.

I take pride in saying that we are still, against all odds, providing training to medical, nursing and EMS staff all over Lebanon. I also take pride in the fact that we have exported our experience abroad by helping to spread the culture of training in our immediate Arab neighborhood. Next year, we will begin special training programs aimed at enhancing the readiness for the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and for the Lebanese Army (LAF) in trauma care with world-accredited programs that have been proven effective. 

I am indebted to our strategic partners: Fransabank, Bank Audi and BLC Bank– and to all companies, institutions and individuals who expressed their belief in the rescue culture and helped us to continue our arduous task.

I would like to wish you all the best for these blessed holidays and pray to the Lord that you stay safe and warm and that 2018 is the year for reaping rewards and joyful events.

Zeina Kassar Kassem