First Responder®

First Responder®

First Responder for Law Enforcement

The "Golden Period of Trauma” is the time period where the life of a critically injured victim can be saved if definitive intervention is provided. Police officers are often the first people at the scene of an accident and should therefore have the ability to establish a safe scene prior to the arrival of paramedics.

Certifying ISF police officers as First Responders will increase a victim's chances of survival. The Emergency First Responder Course trains police officers to assess possible risks present on scene, maintain control of the scene, and ensure the safety of first responders, patients and bystanders.

Officers are given extensive training on managing the scene of the accident, and the skills and knowledge to identify and initially treat life threatening conditions prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services.

Since 2017, over 150 ISF Police Officers have been trained in the First Responder course.

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