First Group of Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Soldiers Certified as Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Official Trainers

On June 16th, Roads For Life (RFL), in partnership with Fransabank and in collaboration with the Lebanese Red Cross (LRC), certified 16 trainers from several units within the LAF in US accredited course Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). Included were the 1st and 2nd Combat Regiments, the Special Forces School, and the Marine Commandos Regiment, all of whom completed the TCCC training course and were certified as official TCCC instructors at the Special Forces school in Hamat. 

Roads For Life and Fransabank are proud to support the army and assist in keeping our soldiers safe on the battlefield in times of crisis as well as strengthening its capacities so that it undertakes its duty to protect Lebanon’s borders and the country’s very existence. 

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