Mission and Vision®

Roads for Life - the Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident care
Roads For Life – the Talal Kassem Fund for Post Accident Care is a nonprofit organization established in 2011 in memory of Talal Kassem, a young 17-year-old boy who was killed by a ranging driver while crossing the road on his way to school.

What Do We Strive For?

We strive to help save as many lives as possible across Lebanon and to increase the victims’ chances of survival within the first 60 minutes following an accident, known as “The Golden Hour of Trauma”.

What Do We Hope to Achieve?

  • Spread the most advanced Post Trauma Care techniques and train the largest number of medical, nursing, and paramedical emergency personnel.
  • Advocate for passing and/or implementing a modern traffic law.

We strongly believe that a swift and efficient intervention by the emergency teams on the scene of the accident helps save up to 40% of unnecessary death.
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