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Roads for Life - the Talal Kassem Fund for Post-Accident care is a non-profit organization that was born after the tragic death of the 17-year-old Talal...
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Talal Kassem
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What People say
  • “...I hope one day I will be able to teach younger doctors there the things the ATLS® course taught me, hoping to make the roads of Jordan as well as the roads of Lebanon, roads that celebrate life, and only life. Thank you again and I thank you on behalf of all the people that received a better care because of you.”
    Dr. Tarek P. Sunna
  • “...Not only have I benefited alot from the ATLS® course in the aspects of my work, and even in my studies , but I have also realized that there are lots of mistakes that are being done in many hospitals that can be easily corrected and can be life changing.…”
    Dr. Tarek P. Sunna
  • “...After I learned ATLS® techniques and gained the certification, I felt like I had been a nobody in the ER and I realized how many mistakes my colleagues and I had made in the past and how unmethodical we had been while saving other people’s lives. Now that I have completed the ATLS® session, I feel like I am a doctor for the first time and I was extremely happy with the academic and methodical ER medical courses. I am now ready to implement what I learned in your course, which taught me confidence, knowledge and ethics.…”
    Dr. Mohammad al-Tahhan - Syria
  • “...PHTLS® has been mostly useful in traffic accidents, construction works accidents, explosions. We once responded to a call about a worker who fell from an elevated floor. His lungs were not heaving properly, breathing was strained so we implemented a method we learned in PHTLS®, not to mention that a trachea anomaly… We informed the hospital beforehand and they had taken the ATLS® course too. Were it not for that, the patient might have died…”
    Nader Osseiran - Lebanese Red Cross - EMS - Spears
  • “I am sending this e-mail to express my gratefulness for the financial support you offered me to participate in ATLS® sessions. ATLS® sessions improved my approach to trauma patients and helped me stabilize most of the cases despite how critical the situation was and the degree of injury…”
    Sammy Tawk - Emergency Department of Bsharre Governmental Hospital
  • “I can confidently say that the ATLS® experience was one of the most influential experiences I have ever had in my career so far. The greatness of this course, I believe, is that it organizes the management plan of injured patients in a practical and simplified manner, so that the health care provider can feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with virtually any trauma situation that might face him or her...”
    Dr. Ahmad Zaghal - University of Iowa Children’s Hospital - USA
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